Misplaced New York

Was passiert, wenn berühmte New Yorker Gebäude auf einmal auf Wanderschaft gehen und sich irgendwo mitten im Nichts niederlassen?

Fotograf Anton Repponen und Writer Jon Earle haben überlegt, wie das aussehen können.

Eleven New York City landmarks have been misplaced, their current location unknown. Photographs of unclear origin appear to show them scattered across the globe – on sand dunes, mud flats, “lunar” plains, and rocky beaches. Nobody knows exactly what happened or why.



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The very last building in #misplacedseries was the new Cooper Union building. It was holding up the release of entire project as it was the hardest to capture. I had to reshoot this building 5 times before I could get something to work with. There's literally 10 minutes gap early in the morning before shadows from the trees and surrounding buildings start to appear on the facade. Narrow street forced me to composit this building using 6 individual photographs that were quite hard to stitch together and parked cars and construction sight right in-front of the building made me redraw the entire first floor by hand. If you haven't seen the project yet, visit www.misplaced.design for a full collection of misplaced new york monuments.

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