#HollywoodSoWhite – Data Science Edition

Polygraph ist mal wieder durch den Datenacker gepflügt und hat 2000 Drehbücher hinsichtlich Geschlecht, Alter und Redeanteil der SchauspielerInnen analysiert.

Lately, Hollywood has been taking so much shit for rampant sexism and racism. The prevailing theme: white men dominate movie roles.
But it’s all rhetoric and no data, which gets us nowhere in terms of having an informed discussion. How many movies are actually about men? What changes by genre, era, or box-office revenue? What circumstances generate more diversity?

Surprise: Sexism and ageism are real!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-11 um 22.41.47

(Screenshot: Polygraph)

via Daring Fireball